When life becomes challenging, you may feel a sense of fear, sadness, regret or resentment. You may look at your age, your relationships or career and wonder how you got there and wonder what is missing in your life.

Feelings of happiness and contentment happen when you have meaning in your life. When you feel your life is important and meaningful, you will feel a sense of belonging and purpose. True joy comes from within. Without life meaning, you may feel depressed, sad, anxious or hopeless.

Life coaching will help you grow your self-confidence and create life meaning by addressing your desires, thoughts and behavioural patterns. With the guidance of Therapy With Carol, you will begin to work on short-term goals reaching towards your larger goal.

You can be empowered to re-invent yourself to be the person you have always desired to be. You can then stop depending on people or situations to bring you joy as you will intuitively understand that true joy and contentment can only come from within.

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