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Modalities utilized are based on your needs. Therapy With Carol offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy, Traditional Talk Therapy and Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

Client-centered psychotherapy recognizes that the human mind, body and spirit are all connected when it comes to true healing. We are all on our unique journeys and we must respect this fact in therapy.

Healing occurs with self-discovery. You will learn how to manage your anxious feelings and unhealthy reactions by learning self-regulation strategies and by identifying; WHY you do what you do in life, HOW your Core Beliefs, negative thoughts and self-destructive behaviours led you to become the person that you are today and HOW to transform them to become the amazing person you were born to be. Through self-discovery and transformation, you will achieve self-acceptance, self-love, personal power, and become a self-reliant decision maker.

Therapy With Carol Ghannoum - COUNSELLING

Life’s situations and problems can become overwhelming. Therapy With Carol counselling helps you with life challenges by looking at the specific problem, offering advice on the best ways to handle a situation and working together to find solutions and new perspectives.

Therapy With Carol Ghannoum - Family Counselling

Sometimes family dynamics need to be addressed. As you learn, evolve and transform from attending individual therapy or counselling, your healing and growth may be hindered due to family dynamics. Often the parents, siblings, spouses and/or children can inadvertently hinder your progress based on their unconscious dynamics. It would be beneficial for the entire family to attend family counselling at Therapy With Carol to affect change in how they ‘do life’ and therefore positively enhance your healing and become a happy and conscious family unit.

Therapy With Carol Ghannoum - Couples Counselling

Couples counselling helps couples gain a better understanding of themselves and their partners’ needs and desires. With the guidance of Therapy With Carol, couples will learn to communicate with honesty, transparency and authenticity to get their needs met. With this, they will solve problems effectively and continue to build trust and commitment with each other.

Group therapy can be a very powerful modality. Members talk about their lives outside the group as well as their feelings in relation to each other within the group, under the leadership of Therapy With Carol. There are several ways group therapy can help you. You will become aware that you are not alone in your struggles. You will also learn to turn to others for support, which in turn reduces your isolation and you will learn to express your feelings and relate to others in healthy ways within a safe place.

Therapy With Carol Ghannoum - Group Therapy Workshops

Therapy With Carol provides psycho-education through workshops and online classes on different topics. Please see the event page.

Remote Clients Online (Internet) and Telephone Therapy

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